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The ACOUSTIC POOCH is a miniature single-point dual-channel audio collection system. Designed to be best in class with

CD quality 16-bit audio collection it uses the most efficient microphones matched to the operational requirement.

It serves live time listening much like the old ‘RF Bug’ days but with the latest technology encompassing DSP and


The ACOUSTIC POOCH has been designed from the ground up for users that demand high grade collection. User defined 56/128bit AES over the air ensures collection is safe and robust.

Additional measures embedded in the encrypted payload eliminate the possibility of others ‘listening in’ and the units will not respond to Bluetooth inquiries – true stealth!

The release of the ACOUSTIC POOCH meets a demand for license free encrypted audio capture in the high end audio market. Essential features which challenge the status quo, the tiny device heralds a new cost effective era of greater versatility in local audio capture

Features of the ACOUSTIC POOCH which catapult it to best in class include:

 Concurrent listening of two 16-bit audio channels from an ISM band miniature sharp end unit  Crisp stereo audio – CD quality
 Dual microphones
 10hrs use on one rechargeable AAA battery

 128bit Encrypted data
 Remote controllable
 Best in class tactically mountable miniature microphones  Backend receiver with Line and Headphone out
 Remote access to audio gain levels (from software)
 True end to end tactical capability.


The ACOUSTIC POOCH delivers an array of ground- breaking features sought by the audio industry. Requested features have been developed in a timely fashion and are available at highly competitive pricing.

It’s tactical – grab and go. Power options along with antenna options make the POOCH very versatile

The ACOUSTIC POOCH is truly the way of the future in audio capture surveillance.

• Single point
• Digital
• 2 microphones
• CD quality
• RF
• Bluetooth
• Encrypted

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