Child Locator Expert Edition

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Child Locator Expert Edition


  • Easy To Set-Up And Use
  • Get Distance Alerts If Tags Go Out Of Range
  • Easy Beep And Vibrate Directional Guidance
  • Tags Have 90-Day Battery Life- Track Up To 24 Tags
  • No Monthly Fees!  
  • When family members, valuables, or pets get out of sight, we automatically panic. Instead of panicking, grab The Locator and find your loved ones, fast. Simply attach a small Homing Tag to anything or anyone, and let the homing device lead you to their location in seconds. The Locator alerts you the instant a loved one or pet leaves the safety zone. The portable tracking device will beep, vibrate, and visually lead you to your tagged item quickly and easily. As an extra safety precaution, the person wearing the Tag can press the Panic Button to alert you of an emergency. With batteries powered by Duracell, you know that The Child Locator will always be there when you need it most, before it's too late.

    We all know what it's like to lose track of something important to us. It could be a loved one, pet, or valuable, and it can happen within a fraction of a second. This is especially true in busy situations such as camping, visiting amusement parks, carnivals, or sporting events. As featured in the newest Duracell campaign, The Locator is perfect for or on-the-fly location of young children, pets, or elderly family members that need constant supervision.

    This device is not a GPS Tracker but rather a homing device that can lead you to your tagged items. The Locator can't tell you a tagged item's exact GPS location but it can lead you to it quickly and easily. If have older kids or independent family members, consider a GPS Tracker that can help you track and locate their exact location no matter where they are in the world. With a Location Device like The Locator, you will be able to locate your tagged items on-the-fly with the handheld tracking device.

    Locate Mode Helps You Find Your Children Quickly
    The Locator includes both audio and visual directional guidance that leads you to the tagged item. Locate Mode will always work when you need it most thanks to the reliable, durable Duracell batteries.

    Alert Mode Lets You Know There Is A Problem

    Allows you to set a safety zone with audio-visual and vibration alarms to alert you if tagged items go outside the safe boundaries.



    • Locate Mode lets you find tagged items up to 600 feet away outdoors, and up to 250 plus feet away indoors
    • Includes both audio and visual directional guidance technology that leads you within 1 inch of the lost item
    • Alert Mode will warn you if any of your tagged items are outside of your designated "safety zone." The safety ranges can be set independently for each one of the 24 tags
    • Miniaturized Tags can be attached to almost anything with a key ring or adhesive strip
    • Homing Tags give off an audible beep and flashing LED light to help locate items more efficiently
    • Panic Tag allows an individual to set off a distress alarm that is sent to The Locator
    • Each device can track up to 24 homing tags
    • Tags and Handheld come standard with Duracell batteries for reliability


    • 1x Handheld Locator Device
    • 3x Mini Homing Tags
    • 1x Panic Homing Tag
    • 4x Key Ring Loop and Adhesive Strips
    • User Guide
    • Duracell Batteries Included  

    Please Note:
    600 feet range is based on clear line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on use, environment and location.

    Always test this device before each use. Electronics devices should not be relied upon 100% of the time.  Spyireland products are not designed to deter or prevent kidnappings, abductions, runaways, or missing persons. Product quality, reliability, and accuracy may be affected by environmental or physical conditions in the area where products are being used. Environmental or physical conditions that may affect the quality, accuracy, or reliability of products include, but are not limited to, walls, floors, ceilings, metal structures, vehicles, partitions, furniture, windows, motors, bodies of water, other wireless electronic devices, lighting and atmospheric conditions.

    Product Review

      Thank you for making my son's Disneyland dreams come true.,
    Posted By: Lena Normans

    As a mother of a 5-year-old with Autism, going to a park or crowded area is out of the question for my family. Injury and abduction are always on my mind and I have to be on constant guard to make sure that my son doesn't wander away. After buying the Child Locator, I have been able to take my son to more and more public places with less and less worry. Instead of panicking if he gets out of sight, I simply reach in my purse and grab The Locator. Before purchasing this device, going to a public place like an amusement park would have been impossible. But now that I have The Locator, I have the confidence to take my family to Disneyland for the first time ever. The peace of mind and normalcy that The Locator gives me is priceless. Thank you for making my son's Disneyland dreams come true.

      It worked when I needed it most,
    Posted By: Christina DeSimon

    I attached a homing tag to my child's shoe, threw the Locator in my purse, and forgot about it for weeks. Later that month I lost track of my child at a crowded amusement park. Panic surged over me until I realized that I still had The Locator in my purse. I flipped The Locator open where it homed in on my son immediately. I was worried that the battery would be dead after sitting in my purse for 20 days, but the battery worked great and I found my son, no problem. This product is truly a life-saver, and I'm relieved to know that the power was there when I needed it most.

    Posted By: happy mum

    Used it at the beach.. When my son playing with his little friend got too far away I "located" him, he heard the beeps and came back himself. I was concerned about the homing tag getting wet but I put it through the washer and dryer by accident and it still worked just like new! Won't do that again but I was very pleased it didn't break. and I'm very happy with the purchase.

      Every parent needs a Locator!,
    Posted By: Jane Rollins

    Every parent should get a Spyireland Locator! With two hyper kids who wander constantly, I honestly can't leave the house without my Locator. I used to panic if I lost track of one of my children in a crowded place, but now I know I have that extra security. If my child wanders, I grab my Locator and find them before anything serious happens.

      Good Device,
    Posted By: S.R.

    This device has been great. I work with someone that has the beginning of Alzheimers and tends to want to wander. This device has been very helpful with the wandering issues we have had to deal with. The only thing that I wish was a little better is setting up the range. It would be nice if it had an exact distance to choose from rather than near, medium, or far. All in all it has been a great purchase for this situation.

      The future is here,
    Posted By: Seabreeze

    I am always losing things like keys, remotes, etc. This item has saved me more time than I can express in words.

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