Outdoor Guard Camera

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Outdoor Guard Camera

GuardCam is a combined security floodlight system. A 230W halogen lamp has low running costs and lights an extensive area. PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion detector, on approach GuardCam will detect the intruder, floodlight the area, record footage of the intruder and deliver an audible warning that you can record yourself or there is the choice of 3 warning messages or the option to turn voice warning off. PIR can be adjusted to provide the best coverage whilst avoiding false triggers from passing traffic, animals etc. The time control adjusts how long the halogen light will remain activated after the first trigger. GuardCam’s integral high resolution digital camera offers clear image recording in video or still frame format. Night images retain colour and clarity due to automatic halogen light illumination. As well as the PIR a photocell is employed to ensure activation is restricted to day or night operation, programmable by the user. Up to 750, twenty second video sessions or 1500 still images can be recorded on just the supplied 2GB SD card. Time and date are applied to the images or video clips. Offering a covert camera solution. Could well be a better and cheaper option than a CCTV system. Now including the facility to record your own alert message! Available now for immediate delivery**ONCE PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE PLEASE CLICK ON RETURN TO SPYIRELAND TO COMPLETE THE TRANSACTION**

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