Bug Detectors

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Digi Hunter
  DIGI-HUNTER * NEW * New Digital Scanner - Key Rings to Cell Phones * 30MHz-2.8 GHz * Impedance 50 ..
Ex Tax: €399.99
High Frequency Bug & Wireless Camera Detector
Improved beeper size wireless signal detector. This new mini rf bug detector can detect analog or di..
Ex Tax: €59.99
Mini Bug Detector
 One sweep over a wall, floor, ceiling or suspect device and this miniature RF detector will immedia..
Ex Tax: €55.00
RF Detector This superb top of the range bug hunter is capable of scanning between 1MHz - 6GHz. ..
Ex Tax: €399.99
Spy Camera and Video Bug Detector
The SpyFinder hidden camera detector / locator is the most reliable and easy to use technology on th..
Ex Tax: €249.99
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