GSM + 3G +Spy Cameras

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Covert 3G - GSM Spy Camera Smoke Detector
3G REMOTE CAMERA SMOKE DETECTOR ADJUSTABLE ANGLE This is the latest model 3G camera with adjustab..
Ex Tax: €799.99
Covert 3G PIR Spy Camera
This unique and high quality PIR case contains neatly our unique 3G camera unit. Install this unit o..
Ex Tax: €699.99
Spy Clock Camera (colour)
This is a clock with a built-in high quality colour CCD pinhole camera with sound chip. The clock st..
Ex Tax: €299.99
WiFi/Networking Camera in Smoke Alarm
WiFi NETWORKING CAMERA IN SMOKE ALARM This innocent looking Smoke Alarm contains a hidden high re..
Ex Tax: €365.00
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