GSM Bugs and Listening devices

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Charger GSM Audio Bug
Charger GSM Audio Bug
This USB charger product code GSMCB Is a standard type charger that is used by many people to power ..
Ex Tax: €299.99
2 way Adapter Recorder
This mains adapter is the ultimate in long term hidden recording devices. The fully functioning main..
Ex Tax: €399.99
Digital Photo Frame GSM Bug
This fully functional digital photo frame contains a hidden voice activated gsm bug giving you the a..
Ex Tax: €349.99
GSM 8 Gang Multi Plug Extension
The GSM PlugBUG extension has finally arrived! This extension lead has a powerful smart GSM micropho..
Ex Tax: €399.99
GSM Double Plug Adapter
Introducing the new GSM Double Plug Adapter! A fully working Double plug adapter that conceals a GSM..
Ex Tax: €299.99
GSM Listening Device With Call Back Feature
This two way GSM audio spy device calls you from anywhere in the world when it detects sounds around..
Ex Tax: €99.99
GSM Listening Device(Duracell Battery Model)
GSM Bug GSM bugs (listening devices) use mobile phone networks to enable the user to dial in to ..
Ex Tax: €149.99
GSM Socket Transmitter
The GSM Infinity double socket is a very cleverly disguised listening device that can be used to rep..
Ex Tax: €350.00
GSM Wall Clock Bug
This modern style wall clock may be hung on a wall in a room of your choice. You can then dial the n..
Ex Tax: €349.99
Optical Mouse GSM Bug
A fully functioning computer mouse with a GSM audio bug discreetly built in for perfect audio clarit..
Ex Tax: €199.99
Parabolic Listening Device
This super parabolic mic electronic listening and digital recording device is ideal for hearing and ..
Ex Tax: €84.99
Wired Car/Van/Truck GSM Listening Bug
The Universal car bug designed for use in motor vehicles. Powered from the vehicles electrical syste..
Ex Tax: €249.99
Powerbank 380 hour Audio recorder
The covert audio recorder no one will suspect as it looks and functions just like any other power ba..
Ex Tax: €299.99
Thermostat Voice Recorder
Thermostat voice recorder with 250 days standby battery life. This recorder is perfect for fast d..
Ex Tax: €499.99
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