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Cigarette Lighter Hidden Camera
Extremely Discreet Covert Cigarette Lighter Hidden Camera • Colour: Yellow & Blue • Material:..
Ex Tax: €52.99
Coffee Cup Hidden Spy Camera
This is the brand new Cup Camera , it just looks like any high-street takeaway coffee cup but hidden..
Ex Tax: €365.00
Covert Calculator spy Camera 4gb
Covert Spy recording is made easy with this Calculator Spy Camera, which looks and acts just like th..
Ex Tax: €89.99
Covert Camera- OBO Box
ELECTRICAL OBO JUNCTION BOX COVERT CAMERA A standard electrical junction obo box with a covert pi..
Ex Tax: €199.99
Covert Computer Speaker Hidden DVR
Completely Covert Hidden Speaker DVR Camera Design Capture hidden camera footage Motion-activated re..
Ex Tax: €399.99
covert fire sprinkler camera
Colour Covert Fire sprinkler camera Looks like a normal Fire Sprinkler420tvl Colour camera for inter..
Ex Tax: €149.99
Covert PIR Camera
COVERT P.I.R HIDDEN CAMERA WITH AUDIO •Function: Surveillance security camera with hidden lens •H..
Ex Tax: €99.99
Covert Smoke Detector camera
Colour - 1/4", 380TVL, 1 Lux, 12Vdc, 4.3mm Blt-in Lens, Smoke Detector (Dummy), with side or vertica..
Ex Tax: €199.99
Dictionary camera and recorder Spy camera 720P HD
This unit is a HD spy camera and recorder cleverly built into a dummy dictionary that you have a key..
Ex Tax: €399.99
Digital Clock Video Recorder
A small digital clock with a built in camera and recorder, the clock secretly records images when mo..
Ex Tax: €109.99
Record clearly and covertly with this Digital Mirror Clock Spy Camera, for ultra long 20 hours conti..
Ex Tax: €119.99
Digital Video Recorder Spy Camera(Keychain Car Remote Style)
4GB DVR Digital Video Recorder Spy Camera in a keychain car remote style casing. Coming in a compact..
Ex Tax: €69.99
Docking Station WiFi Spy Camera
This smart and functional charging dock station can house and charge handsets / tablets as well as b..
Ex Tax: €349.99
i Phone Docking Station Spy Camera
A state of the art hidden spy camera and recorder built into a standard iPhone charging dock station..
Ex Tax: €499.99
MP3 Player Hidden Camera
Looks and Works Like Your Favorite MP3 Player but Is Actually a Hidden Camcorder Secretly Recording ..
Ex Tax: €79.99
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