25 Day Covert Voice Recorder

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25 Day Covert Voice Recorder

Up to 25 days in standby 24 hours of continuous recording.

With its super voice operated recording this system can achieve up to 25 days in standby

Up to 25 days in standby 24 hours of continuous recording
When a long battery life and long recording times are required this voice activated miniature recorder ticks all of the boxes. With it super voice operated recording system it can achieve up to 25 days in standby. When the surrounding area is silent recording is paused and as soon as sound is detected it will start recording again, this enables the memory and battery to be used with maximum efficiency.

Each recording is time and date stamped giving a valuable record when used for evidential purposes.

With its long battery life and small size this voice recorder is perfect for hiding in vehicles when you need to know what conversation is taking place in the vehicle.

- Date and time stamp of the recordings - High capacity USB flash drive: 8GB memory - Recording time : 288 hours - Battery Life : 24 of hours in continuous voice recording, -25 days in SVOS standby recording - Hidden recording on/off switch, no flashing LED,s when recording ; Perfect for covert use. - Rechargeable li-polymer battery built-in / Charging time by PC USB - 2 hours - Can be operated by an external power supply like PC USB port or USB AC adapter - High recording quality: MP3 encoding 64Kbps /Frequency response- 100Hz~10KHz - ALC function (Automatic Recording Level Control) - USB 2.0 hi-speed up/down load / Plug-in & Playback - Battery remaining indicator -Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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