Bike light GPS Tracker

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Bike light GPS Tracker

Ensure your Bike is safe and secure with a bicycle GPS tracker and locator. This tracker comes with a SIM card installed and enough credit to last approx. 12 months with free app and web portal for live tracking.

This tracker is disguised as a bike back lamp and looks exactly like any back light you would purchase in your local store. It even works as a light!
It comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and for long battery life it has a sleep mode which reduces power consumption when the tracker is stationary.

Using your Smartphone you will always know where your bike is located. You can give the login details to your loved ones and they too can track your whereabouts or track your route as you’re cycling.

The app allows you to playback your historical routes. You can pick a date in the past and it will replay where the bike traveled during that day.

It also comes with a desktop web portal where you can have the bike tracking in the background as you are working on your PC.

Most importantly this tracker works throughout UK and Europe at no extra cost.

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