HD Pocket Spy Camera

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HD Pocket Spy Camera

HD Pocket Spy Camera - capture video and record audio, at any time, any place! Extremely Convenient! High definition pinhole lens and stylish design make this new HD Pocket Spy Camera an excellent choice for capturing video and recording audio. It's so small it fits in your pocket for you to use at any time and any place! Great for... professional and amateur detectives, recording sports, live events, and so much more! Extreme Simple! With the single press of a button you will always be ready to capture high quality 1280x720 hidden videos within a moment’s notice. Simply press the RECORD button once to record, and then press it again to stop and save. Recording quality HD Video has never been easier. Incredible Quality! While small in size, this HD Pocket Spy Camera produces video that is unbelievably high in quality. Its 8 GB micro SD card (included free) can record hours of HD video that looks incredibly sharp when played back. Even better, the 0.1lux illumination lens allows you to get clear pictures anywhere, even in environments with very poor lighting conditions. Finally, the built-in microphone captures crisp, detailed audio, whether you're paddling down the Shannon or rockin' out at your favorite club. It is wonderful! Ready and Action! It's the modern day notepad and a must have gadget for today's world. When life moves fast, This HD Pocket Spy Camera provides you a chance to remember the moments. It is ideal for capturing sports, meetings, lectures, and much more. Available now for immediate delivery to your door**ONCE PAYMENT HAS BEEN PROCESSED PLEASE CLICK ON RETURN TO SPYIRELAND TO COMPLETE THE TRANSACTION**

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