Sound Bar with Built in Camera – Wi-Fi

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Sound Bar with Built in Camera – Wi-Fi

This superb high quality fully functioning sound bar houses a high-resolution Wi-Fi camera and video recorder and will not look out of place in the front of any television.

Connected to the audio source by Bluetooth or cable it is suitable for use on a TV or PC, LED Display with various colours and LED lights on off function, featuring an air Tube & 2.0 Channel Amplifier with Remote Control.

Our sound bar camera is ideal for use as a domestic surveillance camera, nanny cam or just as a security camera. What makes this camera perfect for domestic use is that the sound bar is usually placed below your TV, so the camera is looking at anyone positioned in front of the TV.  As long as the sound bar is left plugged into the power point it will continue to work even when the TV is switched off.

Once the simple setup instructions have been followed the camera can stream live video remotely to your smartphone allowing you to view it from anywhere in the world as well as recording onto the internal memory for later viewing and storage.

Motion activation recording or manual recording and snapshots straight from the App. Push notifications that can be sent to your smart phone, notifying you of any activity in the vicinity of the camera.

The state-of-the-art camera is designed for ease of use and can be operated without any knowledge of networking all you need is your smartphone and the password for the Wi-Fi network, then simply download the free App for IOS or Android and you will be up and running within minutes, but if you have any problems, we are always here to help get you up and running.


Video: Resolution: 1080P/720p/640p/320p.

H264 compression, Video Format: .AVI.

Angle of View – 90 degrees (approx.).

Motion Detection Recording.

Storage consumption (SD card) 1gb per hour at 1080p resolution.

Up to 64GB SD Card (Not included).

Mobile phone operation system Android / iOS.

Powered from the mains so no need to worry about battery life.

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