Thermostat Voice Recorder

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Thermostat Voice Recorder

Thermostat voice recorder with 250 days standby battery life.

This recorder is perfect for fast deployment in the home or office with its high sensitivity microphone it can pick up conversations up to 10 metres away.

Mount to any flat surface by using screws for long term usage or self-adhesive pads for temporary fixing.

The recorder is amazingly simple to use and is operated by a single switch.

– Date and time stamp of the recordings
– High capacity USB flash drive: 8GB memory
– Recording  capacity : 288 hours
– Hidden recording on/off switch, no flashing LED,s when recording ; Perfect for covert use.
– Can be operated by an external power supply like PC USB port or USB AC adapter
– High recording quality: MP3 encoding 64Kbps /Frequency response- 100Hz~10KHz
– ALC function (Automatic Recording Level Control)
– USB 2.0 hi-speed up/down load / Plug-in & Playback
– Battery remaining indicator

The time and date stamp needs to be set on a windows PC

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