Charger GSM Audio Bug

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Charger GSM Audio Bug

This USB charger product code GSMCB Is a standard type charger that is used by many people to power USB devices or charge phones. This product is a fully functional charger as well as a highly sensitive listening device that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. To access the listening mode just call the Mobile number that has been assigned to the listening device and it will silently answer within a few rings allowing you to listen to audio in the surrounding area. The sim card inside the unit is a standard EE SIM with a UK 07 number.

Voice Activation
The GSMCB has the capability of notifying you by SMS when sound is detected which can be very useful to let you know of any activity when the device is planted in a unoccupied room.  To activate or deactivate this feature you simply text a code to the unit from your mobile.
To use the remote callback feature, you will require credit on the Sim in the unit.

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